Sunday, 23 August 2009

A topic.. a story.. half told..


I started this blog yonks ago when writing my undergraduate dissertation. At first it was just a distraction. I tried writing about myself, but it all felt a bit false, and a bit self indulgent... I struggled, writing posts and deleting posts, and in the end gave up.

Time passed, I finished uni, I graduated, and this blog remained dormaint. Now as a graduation present my Boyfriend got me a rabbit.

We picked this little cutie from a pet shop and named him Hamlet. Hamlet is the first rabbit I have ever owned, so not knowing what to expect I have had some of the most amusing and charming experiences.

So I have had him a month and because he provides me with great entertainment I decided that perhaps this blog should be dedicated to him and telling the tales from his life..

So who is Hamlet?

Well Hamlet is a bit of a mystery..

I'm obviously not an expert or bunny guru and well, to be honest, we probably bought Hamlet for the wrong reasons and in a way which was not ideal. I've done alot of research since and if I'd done it before I probably wouldn't have bought from a petshop.

The problem with the petshop bought Hamlet is that we just don't know enough about him.
He is a beaut that's for sure but as far as his age and breed that's where things are a bit vague.
He is meant to be a dwarf lop, that when he was taken home was meant to be nine weeks.
HOWEVER when taking Hamlet to the vets for his injections the vet said he was awfully big and was either older than what the petshop had claimed or was not dawrf :-/

This isn't a major problem, I was very niave and wasn't going for a special breed or age. But obviously it's a bit sad not knowing his history (though brief) and also being a first time bunny owner it makes it a bit more tricky as we don't know what to to look for when it comes to these factors.

But what's done is done and luckily for both Hamlet and I, I have done a incredible amount of research and he is a very cared for and understood bunny ^__^

Hamlet enjoys a life both outside and inside, spending his days cooling down under a stool in the garden and his evenings lounging around on the bed.

The bed times are my favourite. There we get to have some real quality time with him. He is either binky-ing (jumps and twisting in the air) or completey flopping down by our sides to watch come dine with me..

He doesn't mind being picked up but, apparently like most rabbits, he doesn't find it the best. And, to be honest, I much perfer to spend time with him when he can explore and do as he will.

I really think Rabbits are as wonderful as owning cats and dogs and cant wait to see how he grows up. However on an ending note to this brief blog about Hamlet, I would say don't be silly and do what I did. RESEARCH RABBITS FIRST! Check to see if they are sutiable for you, you can afford it, and you understand the beauts... I went in blind and it is only luck that has meant we are BOTH having a great and forfilling time in this companionship....And the fact I am 22 years old and was never allowed my own pet so Hamlet is spoilt rotten :-D


  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and saw your new bunny. I had a very nice bunny living indoors with me for years, her name was BunBun and she came from outside one night while I was coming in from an evening out, around 2 in the morning. She learned how to be potty trained and even learned how to fetch and throw back a little play toy. You would toss it to her and she would pick it up with her mouth and toss back. Good luck with your new friend, bunnies are smarter than you might think!
    Love, Mrs. Slug

  2. Aw ^_^

    Was she a wild rabbit ? That's lovely!

    Thank you very much! He is always astounding me. I've never had a rabbit before so everything he does completely amazes me!

    Thanky ou for taking the time to read my little itro Hamlet :-)